India’s Maritime Tradition Emphasized in Manila Visit

India's External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, praised the docking of an Indian Coast Guard ship in Manila, highlighting the deepening of bilateral ties with the Philippines. He emphasized India's rich maritime tradition and the importance of collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region. The ship's presence symbolizes a growing partnership between the two nations.
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During a visit to Manila, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted India’s long and distinguished maritime tradition, which has left a lasting impact on the region. He praised the docking of an Indian Coast Guard ship in Manila as a symbol of the deepening ties between India and the Philippines. Jaishankar emphasized the importance of India’s Act East policy and Indo-Pacific Vision in shaping contemporary maritime relations.

The minister noted the Indo-Pacific maritime domain awareness initiative, in which both India and the Philippines are members, aimed at enhancing cooperation on various maritime activities and issues. He highlighted the collaboration with ASEAN and the commencement of ASEAN-India maritime exercises as significant steps in strengthening bilateral bonds. Jaishankar also mentioned the importance of the Coast Guard cooperation agreement reached last year, which has led to specialized training courses and joint search and rescue exercises.

Jaishankar expressed hope that the presence of the Indian Coast Guard ship in Manila would promote greater cooperation between the two countries and within the region. He emphasized the need for like-minded Indo-Pacific nations to work together more closely and instill a sense of maritime interest and responsibility, especially among younger generations. The minister also appreciated the ship’s inclusion of National Cadet Corps cadets, reflecting on his own experience in the NCC during college.

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