Decarbonizing Vessels: Oasis Marine’s Innovative Technology & Offshore Hydrogen Bunkering

OASIS Marine in North-East Scotland is at the forefront of decarbonizing vessels with innovative technology. Their Hydrogen Buoy and Power Buoy offer offshore hydrogen bunkering and electric charging, reducing CO2 emissions in the shipping industry. With support from the Scottish Government, Oasis Marine is revolutionizing the maritime energy mix.
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OASIS Marine, a small company in North-East Scotland, is at the forefront of decarbonizing vessels through innovative technology. They have developed the Oasis Hydrogen Buoy and Oasis Power Buoy, which provide offshore hydrogen bunkering and electric charging, allowing ships to transition from diesel to green power. This groundbreaking technology is a first for the industry, with the Oasis Hydrogen Buoy potentially becoming part of an offshore hydrogen highway, transferring green hydrogen produced by offshore wind farms to vessels.

With shipping currently accounting for over three percent of CO2 emissions, the industry has been set a global decarbonization target. George Smith, Managing Director of Oasis Marine, believes that the Oasis Hydrogen Buoy and Oasis Charging Buoy have the potential to significantly reduce the global shipping industry’s carbon footprint. The buoys will initially be deployed in the North Sea offshore wind market, with the technology capable of being applied to various vessels across the maritime industry.

Funded and supported by the Scottish Government, the Oasis Hydrogen Buoy underwent mooring analysis as part of the TestHOTS project demonstration, which showed how the buoy connects to vessels and gathered technical data on mooring loads during bunkering. The project has optimized the buoy through numerical analysis and aims to further validate findings from wave tank testing. Partnering with Strathclyde University and ship owner O.S. Energy, Oasis Marine is paving the way for cleaner alternative fuels in the maritime industry.

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