IPGL to Commence Operations at Chabahar Port in the Near Future

IPGL will soon start operations at Chabahar Port
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India Ports Global Ltd (IPGL), a state-owned company established to develop and operate Chabahar Port in Iran, is set to sign an agreement with the Iranian Ports Authority to begin full-fledged operations. The announcement was made by Ministry of Ports Secretary TK Ramachandran on Friday. Chabahar Port, located in Sistan-Baluchestan Province on Iran’s southern coast, is a joint project of India, Iran, and Afghanistan aimed at enhancing connectivity and trade ties.

Ramachandran confirmed that the agreement between IPGL and the Iranian Ports Authority is in progress and will be signed soon, allowing for the full-fledged operation of Chabahar Port. The port is strategically located close to the Indian Ocean and along the route to Afghanistan.

In addition, Ramachandran addressed the situation regarding the Indian-financed Sittwe port in Myanmar, stating that infrastructure work is ongoing and that cargo transportation will take place if the geopolitical situation is appropriate. This comes as increasing hostilities between anti-junta groups and Myanmar government troops near the border with India have raised concerns in the Indian military about a potential spillover effect.

The developments indicate progress in the operationalization of Chabahar Port in Iran, as well as ongoing infrastructure work at the Sittwe port in Myanmar amidst regional geopolitical concerns.

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