ISWAN Seminar Addresses Recruitment and Retention in Maritime Industry

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ISWAN recently hosted the 2023 Seminar to address recruitment and retention issues in the maritime industry, advocating for direct communication with seafarers. The seminar brought together professionals to find solutions to the industry’s challenges amidst rapid changes. Expert committees from various sectors collaborated to create viable solutions for attracting and retaining seafarers.

ISWAN’s strategy focuses on improving working conditions and well-being, emphasizing the need for the maritime industry to invest more in seafarers to ensure sustainability. The action plan includes initiatives such as creating a fair work environment and promoting an inclusive culture to attract diverse talent. The impact of changing technologies on seafarers’ well-being was also highlighted, with an emphasis on the importance of listening to seafarers’ perspectives on living and working at sea.

ISWAN’s Chief Executive, Simon Grainge, stressed the need for collaborative action to attract and retain skilled seafarers for the industry’s successful transition to zero carbon. Providing fair working conditions and safe environments for seafarers is crucial before promoting maritime careers. Additionally, the Cook Labour Government announced plans to construct a new Seafarers Centre in Port Hedland to accommodate the growing number of seafarers in the region.

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