Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority Achieves Record Throughput in FY 2023-24

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA) achieves record throughput of 6.43 million TEU
The total traffic for the financial year 2023-24 at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA) reaches 85.82 million tonnes. JNPA achieved a historic milestone with its highest-ever throughput of 6.43 million TEUs, marking a 6.27% increase from the previous year. Chairman Unmesh Sharad Wagh expressed pride in making the port a premier gateway for trade.
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Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA) in India achieved a new milestone by handling a record high throughput of 6.43 million TEUs in the financial year 2023-24, surpassing the previous year’s mark and representing a 6.27% increase in overall throughput. The total traffic for the same period reached 85.82 million tonnes, a 2.33% increase over the previous financial year, with 78.13 million tonnes of container traffic and 7.70 million tonnes of bulk cargo handled.

Container traffic breakdown at JNPA showed 2.03 million TEUs at BMCT, 1.59 million TEUs at APMT, 1.13 million TEUs at NSICT, 1.11 million TEUs at NSIGT, 0.56 million TEUs at NSFT, and 7,978 TEUs handled at NSDT. Mr. Unmesh Sharad Wagh, Chairman of JNPA, expressed his pride in the achievement and highlighted the port’s commitment to becoming a premier gateway for trade, with a focus on providing world-class services and contributing to the country’s economic progress.

The celebration of this milestone included a cake cutting ceremony attended by JNPA terminal operators and trade associations, with Mr. Wagh thanking partners and stakeholders for their support. The port’s success reflects its dedication to enhancing services such as central parking and individual window clearance to facilitate trade operations. The JNPA remains committed to its mission of driving economic growth and looks forward to continued success in the future.

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