Lighthouse Authorities in UK and Ireland Looking for Aviation Service to Enhance Maritime Safety

The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) of the UK and Ireland have announced the Tri-GLA Aviation Services Project (ASP) to enhance maritime safety. The initiative will provide essential aviation services for mariners, including passenger and cargo transport to remote lighthouses. Market engagement is underway to gather supplier insights for the procurement process, ensuring a safer maritime future.
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The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) of the United Kingdom and Ireland have announced the Tri-GLA Aviation Services Project (ASP) to enhance maritime safety for mariners. The initiative, spanning a ten-year contract with an option for two additional years, highlights the crucial role of aviation in providing essential safety services. Aviation services are vital for accessing remote aids to navigation, and any disruption could severely impact the critical services delivered by the GLAs. The aviation service will cater to passenger and cargo transport to coastal and offshore lighthouses, including specialized tasks like Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO).

In preparation for the procurement process, the GLAs are engaging in Market Engagement to gather supplier insights and inform the strategy. Interested suppliers can participate by completing a questionnaire and attending a virtual market engagement event. This phase aims to set the groundwork for a competitive and effective procurement process scheduled to begin in the Autumn of 2024. The Tri-GLA ASP represents a forward-thinking approach to enhancing maritime safety through dedicated aviation services, highlighting the intersection of aviation and maritime safety for a safer future.

By involving potential suppliers early in the process through market engagement, the GLAs aim to ensure that the eventual aviation service provider can meet the specific needs of maritime safety operations. This ambitious initiative underscores the GLAs’ commitment to maintaining and enhancing the safety of mariners around the UK and Ireland, emphasizing the critical role of aviation in maritime safety. The project’s focus on passenger and cargo transport, as well as specialized tasks like HESLO, demonstrates a comprehensive approach to bolstering maritime safety through aviation services.

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