MARINA Launches Blockchain-Enhanced System to Improve Maritime Operations

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has launched the groundbreaking Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (BEST) to revolutionize online services. With a focus on security and efficiency, MARINA BEST will streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ensure comprehensive coverage across the maritime sector. Expertise from Microbase, Inc. and Ideyateach, Inc. drives the success of this transformative project.
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MARINA has launched an orientation series for industry stakeholders to introduce its Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (BEST), aiming to revolutionize online services in the maritime sector. The system, set to be implemented by July 2024, will streamline contactless transactions for certificates, licenses, and approvals through blockchain technology, ensuring data security and efficiency.

MARINA BEST seeks to establish a unified information system for enhanced productivity, transitioning all applications to an online format accessible through web portals or mobile devices. The system will facilitate online payments, provide updates, and track applications, benefiting shipyard operators, seafarers, and other relevant government bodies. Mandatory adoption by all MARINA clients signifies a comprehensive integration into the maritime sector.

The collaboration between Microbase, Inc. and Ideyateach, Inc. drives the development and implementation of MARINA BEST, showcasing expertise in transforming the maritime industry. In addition to BEST, MARINA is actively engaged in digitalization projects like MARIS and Maritime Energy Demand Information and Analysis Software, further advancing its capabilities in understanding maritime traffic and energy consumption. Overall, MARINA’s commitment to technological innovation through BEST signifies a significant step towards modernizing maritime operations.

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