Maritime industry leaders partner for innovative carbon-saving solutions

ABS wavesight
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The fight against climate change requires cooperation and collaboration among companies that aim to reduce their carbon footprint with innovative solutions. To address this issue, ABS Wavesight and Kongsberg Digital have formed a strategic partnership to create software that complements one another’s capabilities and fosters collaboration amid a competitive landscape.

At the Nor-Shipping event, Paul Sells and Shane McArdle will represent the two companies to discuss their collaboration’s benefits in promoting eco-friendly operations at sea. ABS Wavesight is a global leader in maritime technology that offers innovative fleet management software, such as My Digital Fleet™ and Nautical Systems platforms, to enhance the reliability and performance of shipping operations. Meanwhile, Kongsberg Digital is an industrial software company that provides innovative solutions for carbon capture and storage technology, new energy ventures towards net zero, voyage optimization, emissions reduction, and technology to help balance grids and complex power systems.

The cross-industry partnership between ABS Wavesight and Kongsberg Digital exemplifies the shared responsibility of various stakeholders to mitigate climate risks. Through their joint knowledge base, they aim to develop solutions that ensure maritime clients’ operations become sustainable and reduce their carbon emissions. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, they can deliver innovative software solutions that improve clients’ operational efficiencies, profitability, and sustainability.

This strategic partnership underscores the importance of collective action in the fight against climate change. As companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint, they can find allies in other firms and industries to achieve their goals sustainably. Together, they can create solutions that will benefit not just their businesses but also the planet and society at large.

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