Kongsberg’s Hugin Endurance AUV Completes Testing and Sea Trials

Factory testing for the Norwegian-developed long-endurance AUV, the Hugin Endurance, has been successfully concluded. The AUV, produced by Kongsberg Discovery, has attracted interest from the defense and commercial sectors due to its ability to accommodate various payloads for tasks such as seabed mapping, oceanography, and surveillance.
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Norway’s Kongsberg has announced that the first production model of its Hugin Endurance autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) has successfully completed factory acceptance testing. Sea trials for the AUV began in September 2023, during which Kongsberg Discovery conducted various tests to verify and enhance the system’s capabilities. The trials concluded with a successful demonstration of the AUV’s abilities to the customer.

Kongsberg Discovery President Martin Wien Fjell stated that the Hugin Endurance program has garnered interest from both the defense sector and commercial operators. The AUV’s versatility in accommodating different payloads based on customer needs, such as seabed mapping, oceanography, offshore wind park surveys, and subsea infrastructure surveillance, has contributed to this interest. The AUV can be equipped with sensors like synthetic aperture sonar, sub-bottom profiling systems, cameras, magnetometers, and environmental sensors for data collection.

The Hugin Endurance AUV’s successful completion of factory acceptance testing and sea trials marks a significant milestone for Kongsberg Discovery. With its ability to adapt to various tasks through different payloads, the AUV has attracted attention from defense and commercial sectors. The inclusion of advanced sensors for data collection further enhances its capabilities for tasks like seabed mapping, offshore surveys, and infrastructure surveillance.

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