Oil sheen spotted near offshore platforms in Southern California

Photo shows an oil sheen in the water off Hungtington Beach
A unified command was established to respond to an oil sheen off the coast of Huntington Beach, California. The Coast Guard, local, and federal authorities are investigating the incident, with an oil recovery contractor hired to collect offshore oil. The sheen, 2.5 miles long, was found near the Emmy and Eva platforms.
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A unified command was established to address an oil sheen discovered near oil rigs off the coast of Huntington Beach, California. The Los Angeles-Long Beach Sector Command Center received a report of an unknown substance in the water, prompting Coast Guard pollution responders to investigate. An on-water survey and flyover were conducted to assess the situation, revealing a 2.5-mile-long and 0.5-mile-wide oil sheen approximately 2.8 miles off Huntington Beach.

The source of the oil sheen has not been identified, but efforts are underway to collect offshore oil and assess potential impacts to the shoreline, with a focus on environmental protection strategies. Fortunately, no oiled wild animals were reported in the area. The Unified Command, consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, is collaborating to address the situation and mitigate any potential environmental damage.

As part of the response efforts, an oil recovery contractor has been brought in to assist with collecting offshore oil. The Unified Command is working diligently to determine the source of the oil sheen and prevent any further environmental harm. Despite the challenges posed by the incident, no wildlife casualties have been reported, highlighting the importance of prompt and coordinated response efforts in safeguarding marine ecosystems.

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