Philippines to launch online services for seafarers

MARINA is launching online services for seafarers and stakeholders on July 1 to digitalize government transactions. QR codes will streamline processes in the maritime sector, enhancing efficiency. MARINA director Marc Anthony Pascua emphasized the importance of these services, including the Blockchain-Enabled Automatic Certification System (BEST) to prevent fraudulent documents and protect Filipino seafarers' rights and welfare.
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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is set to launch online services for seafarers and stakeholders on July 1, as part of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive to digitalize government transactions. These online services aim to streamline processes and applications in the maritime sector, with QR codes being utilized from start to finish to enhance efficiency.

MARINA National Capital Region director Marc Anthony Pascua highlighted the significance of these online services during the Kapihan sa Bagong Pilipinas forum. The 10-point Maritime Agenda includes the rollout of the MARINA Blockchain-Enabled Automatic Certification System (BEST), which will enable partner agencies like the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to easily verify the authenticity of documents using QR codes.

In addition to discussing the proposed MARINA organizational structure and extension offices for 2025, Pascua emphasized the importance of enhancing MARINA’s capabilities to protect the welfare and rights of Filipino seafarers. The online services and QR code verification system are crucial in preventing fraudulent and spurious documents within the maritime sector, ultimately strengthening efforts to ensure the safety of maritime stakeholders.

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