Pride of Baltimore II Returns Home After Bridge Collapse

The Pride of Baltimore II, a replica of a 19th century “Baltimore clipper,” sailed through an alternate channel created after the collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge. Captain Jan Miles and his crew navigated carefully, grateful for the opportunity to return home to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for necessary maintenance and scheduled events.
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The Pride of Baltimore II, a replica of a 19th-century “Baltimore clipper,” has returned to its home dock in Baltimore after being anchored in Annapolis due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship’s crew was given permission to sail through alternate channels created to navigate through the wreckage caused by the bridge collapse. Capt. Jan Miles described the experience of sailing next to the crashed container ship as thought-provoking for the crew.

Despite some fallout in the schedule, the ship’s return to the Inner Harbor means necessary maintenance can now take place, and scheduled events, such as deck tours at Fort McHenry National Monument, can resume. The team behind the boat expressed gratitude to the city of Annapolis for providing a place to stay after the disaster and to all those involved in the recovery mission. Patrick Smith, program coordinator for the Pride of Baltimore, described the return to Baltimore as bittersweet but expressed extreme gratitude for being able to reach their home port.

The crew had been in radio communication with authorities controlling access through the site throughout the process, ensuring a safe journey back to Baltimore. The ship’s return has allowed for necessary maintenance and the resumption of scheduled events, despite some adjustments to the overall schedule. The team expressed gratitude for the support received during the challenging situation and is looking forward to continuing their activities in the Inner Harbor.

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