Relatives of Filipino seafarers to receive mental health support–DMW

The families of Filipino crewmen from the MV True Confidence, attacked by Houthi rebels, will receive financial aid and psychosocial services. DMW ensures support for the survivors and families of the deceased seafarers. The ship has been salvaged, and efforts are ongoing to retrieve the bodies of the two Filipino seafarers.
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Thirteen Filipino crewmen survived a missile attack by Houthi rebels on their ship, the MV True Confidence, with 11 of them returning to the Philippines. The attack, which occurred on March 6, resulted in the death of two crewmen and injuries to three others. The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) is providing financial aid and psychosocial services to the families of the affected crewmen, prioritizing their well-being during this difficult time.

DMW official Bernard Olalia stated that psychosocial services are crucial for the crewmen and their families as they cope with the loss and injuries. Financial assistance, benefits, and entitlements will also be provided to support the families of the deceased seafarers and the surviving crewmen. The bodies of the two deceased crewmen are expected to be retrieved soon, as the MV True Confidence has been salvaged from the Gulf of Aden and moved to a safe location.

Olalia emphasized the importance of supporting the crewmen and their families during this challenging period, ensuring that they do not face additional financial burdens due to the tragic incident. The DMW is committed to providing comprehensive assistance to all those affected by the missile attack on the MV True Confidence.

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