MSC Aries Crew Safe After Seizure by Iran: Shipping Company Confirms

msc ship in port
The 25 crew members of the MSC Aries, seized by Iran, are safe according to MSC. Discussions with Iranian authorities are ongoing for their early release and cargo discharge. The ITF prioritizes crew welfare and safety, urging Iran for immediate release. Recent attacks in the region have impacted global maritime transport. Join the gCaptain Club for exclusive insights.
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Shipping company MSC confirmed that the 25 crew members of the MSC Aries, seized by Iran on April 13, are safe. Discussions are ongoing with Iranian authorities to ensure their prompt release and the discharge of the cargo. Iran’s seizure of the container ship in the Strait of Hormuz occurred shortly after Tehran threatened retaliation for a suspected Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has been in touch with the crew’s families, who reported that the crew is safe and being treated appropriately. The ITF is urging Iranian authorities to release the crew and the ship swiftly. Portugal has also condemned Iran’s actions and demanded the immediate release of the Portuguese-flagged ship. Similar incidents in the past have raised concerns about the safety of commercial shipping in the region.

Iranian Foreign Ministry has defended the seizure of the MSC Aries, claiming it violated maritime laws and had connections to Israel due to its renting from a company owned by an Israeli businessman. Recent attacks by Iranian-aligned Houthis in Yemen have also impacted global maritime transport. Commercial ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden have been targeted, highlighting the ongoing risks in the region for commercial shipping.

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