MCA Enhances Seafarer Training Survey to Improve Education Quality

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has revamped the survey for seafarers to provide feedback on their training experience. This initiative aims to enhance strengths, identify weaknesses, and ensure relevant skills for the future. Chief Examiner Ajit Jacob emphasizes the importance of hearing from cadets to maintain the UK's reputation for producing skilled seafarers.
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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has collaborated with training providers and the maritime industry to revamp the formal survey that seafarers are required to complete after their oral exams. This updated process aims to systematically gather and analyze feedback on the quality of education, short courses, and seagoing service to identify strengths and weaknesses, ensuring skills and teaching remain relevant for the future. The new survey, implemented on 25 March, now encompasses seafarers’ entire training experience to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

MCA Chief Examiner Ajit Jacob emphasized the importance of maintaining the UK’s reputation for high-quality seafarer training by seeking feedback from cadets on their training experiences, both positive and negative. This feedback will help support the maritime industry by ensuring a supply of skilled seafarers who can excel in their roles and progress into senior positions. These improvements were prompted by recommendations from the Seafarer Cadet Training Review initiated by the Maritime Minister in 2021.

While the MCA does not directly provide training, it is responsible for ensuring that training providers maintain standards through regular audits. The feedback collected through the updated survey will directly inform auditing procedures, contributing to the ongoing enhancement of seafarer training programs and the overall quality of maritime education.

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