Upward Revenue Trend for Inland Water Transport (IWT) in Assam

The revenue from IWT in Assam is increasing
The revenue of Inland Water Transport (IWT) in Assam is on the rise, with earnings reaching Rs 8.46 crore by January 2023-24. The IWT transported passengers, cargo, and vehicles across different years, showcasing its vital role in connecting communities. The Directorate of IWT in Assam oversees water transport activities and promotes river tourism.
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Inland Water Transport (IWT) in Assam, which falls under the state transport department, has been experiencing an upward trend in revenue. From earning Rs 3.36 crore in 2020-21, the revenue increased to Rs 5.56 crore in 2021-22, Rs 8.93 crore in 2022-23, and reached Rs 8.46 crore by January 2023-24.

During 2020-21, IWT transported 19,79,198 passengers, 42,030 quintals of cargo, and 8,46,836 vehicles. The following years saw an increase in these numbers, with 2021-22 recording the transportation of 43,85,952 passengers, 1,65,390 quintals of cargo, and 13,31,650 vehicles, and 2022-23 witnessing the transportation of 36,54,960 passengers, 1,37,826 quintals of cargo, and 11,09,708 vehicles.

With 90 ferries currently operational in the state, IWT Assam plays a significant role in promoting river tourism by offering river cruise facilities and floating restaurants. The Directorate of Inland Water Transport monitors water transport activities on river routes such as the Brahmaputra, Barak, and their tributaries, focusing on passenger ferry and cargo transportation to contribute to the state treasury. Additionally, IWT Assam has maintained river protection wings to ensure smooth operations for ferry and cargo transportation.

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