Crew Behavior Modifications Lead to Significant Fuel Savings for Ridgebury

A new behavior-focused sustainable shipping trial has shown that informed decisions can help ships’ crews make fuel-saving decisions 21% more often. Ridgebury Tankers carried out a six-month trial in cooperation with behavior change startup Signol, achieving significant emissions reductions without requiring hardware retrofits on the vessels. Signol’s platform leverages 17 separate behavior change techniques.
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Ridgebury Tankers recently conducted a six-month trial in collaboration with behavior change startup Signol to encourage fuel-saving decisions among ship officers. The trial resulted in a 21% increase in fuel-saving decisions without the need for hardware retrofits or additional data sourcing. Signol’s platform utilizes behavior change techniques to encourage crew members to think differently about fuel efficiency and decarbonization, providing personalized goals and achievements through the Signol App and direct emails.

The trial focused on identifying operational processes where crew members had opportunities to save fuel, such as using the main engine efficiently and using auxiliary engines efficiently. The results showed that personalized and realistic goals, along with behavior change techniques, led to a 21% increase in fuel-saving decisions. Ridgebury is considering rolling out this technology across its entire fleet after the successful trial, building on the success of a previous trial with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement.

The collaboration between Ridgebury, BSM, and Signol demonstrates the potential for individual seafarers to contribute to sustainability efforts and reduce ships’ energy demand, CO2 emissions, and operational costs through behavior change alone. This approach aligns with the maritime industry’s focus on promoting operational efficiency to reduce environmental impact, highlighting the importance of harnessing the power of ship crews to achieve fuel-saving and emissions reductions.

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