Romania’s Offshore Wind Development Accelerated by New Law

Romanian legislators have passed a new law allowing for offshore wind development, with detailed regulations to follow by mid-2025. Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, predicts offshore wind energy production in the Black Sea by 2032. The government plans to set up leasing activities and approve offshore wind areas by March 2025.
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Romanian legislators recently passed a new law allowing for offshore wind development, which is now awaiting the President’s signature. The government is required to establish detailed regulations by mid-2025 to guide the launch of concession tenders. Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja stated that Romania is on track to produce offshore wind energy in the Black Sea by 2032, potentially boosting the domestic industry with green hydrogen and other products.

According to the World Bank, Romania has a significant offshore wind potential of 76 GW. The Ministry of Energy plans to conduct a study within three months of the law’s enactment to determine offshore wind sites for concession based on various factors. The government aims to approve selected areas by March 2025 and set royalties for concessionaires by June of the same year, paving the way for lease auctions to begin.

The new legislation marks a significant step towards harnessing Romania’s offshore wind resources and transitioning towards renewable energy sources. The government’s commitment to developing offshore wind energy is expected to not only contribute to the country’s energy production but also strengthen the local industry and promote green technologies such as green hydrogen and ammonia.

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