Sailors receive safeguards against unjust imprisonment in overseas harbors

The IMO's Legal Committee approved new guidelines to protect seafarers detained overseas. These guidelines ensure due process for seafarers working on ships in foreign countries. IMO Secretary-General emphasized the importance of seafarer well-being, calling the guidelines a significant step in addressing challenges they face. A task force will enhance the database on seafarer abandonment.
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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Legal Committee has approved new guidelines to protect seafarers from unfair treatment if detained overseas on suspicion of a crime. These guidelines aim to ensure that seafarers receive due process during investigations and detention in countries other than their own. IMO Secretary-General Arsenio Dominguez emphasized the importance of seafarer well-being and called the guidelines a significant step in addressing challenges and guaranteeing fair treatment.

The finalized guidelines will be submitted to the Joint ILO/IMO Tripartite Working Group for further refinement before being presented for endorsement by the IMO Legal Committee and the ILO Governing Bodies. In addition to the guidelines, the committee established a task force to review and potentially revamp the joint ILO/IMO database on seafarer abandonment. This upgrade aims to improve data accuracy and efficiency in tracking incidents of seafarer abandonment, which occurs when shipowners fail to meet their obligations to their crew.

A more robust database will facilitate faster resolution of seafarer abandonment cases and support the implementation of existing guidelines on addressing this issue. The task force will submit its report to the JTWG for final review and endorsement by the ILO Governing Body and the IMO Legal Committee. This initiative reflects IMO’s commitment to seafarer well-being and ensuring fair treatment for seafarers detained abroad.

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