Seafarer Rescued Looks Forward to 2024 Korea-Africa Summit

Don Victor Mooney, founder of South African Arts International, is determined to attend the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit. Reflecting on his challenging journey from Africa to New York by rowboat, he emphasizes the importance of partnership between Korea and Africa. Mooney's mission, inspired by his late brother, aims to promote HIV testing.
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Don Victor Mooney, the founder of South African Arts International, is planning to attend the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit in South Korea next month. Mooney gained recognition in 2015 after completing a 21-month journey from Africa to New York on his fourth attempt by rowboat. He believes that partnerships between Korea and Africa can lead to the development of innovative solutions and inspire the next generation to persevere.

During his third attempt to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2011, Mooney’s rowboat sank near Cape Verde, and he spent 14 days in a life raft before being rescued by the MV Norfolk, a bulk carrier flying the Cypriot flag. Filipino seafarers on watch spotted him and brought him to safety. Mooney later delivered a letter to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, requesting an invitation to the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between Korea and Africa for mutual benefit.

Mooney’s mission is a tribute to his brother, who died of AIDS, and aims to promote voluntary HIV testing. He believes that partnering with Korea is crucial for Africa’s progress and looks forward to the summit scheduled for June 4-5. Despite facing challenges during his previous expeditions, Mooney remains determined to build bridges between nations and inspire others to never give up on their goals.

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