Seafarers Admit to Pollution Offences on Greek Tanker in US

Two seafarers face potential jail time in the US for admitting to pollution offenses on a Greek tanker. The chief engineer of Avin International's MR Kriti Ruby pleaded guilty to charges of discharging oily waste near a petroleum terminal in New Jersey. Konstantinos Atsalis and Sonny Bosito also admitted to falsifying records to conceal pollution.
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Two seafarers, Konstantinos Atsalis and Sonny Bosito, are facing jail time in the US after admitting to pollution offences on the Greek tanker MR Kriti Ruby. The chief engineer of operator Avin International’s vessel pleaded guilty to charges related to the discharge of oily waste into the sea near a petroleum terminal in Sewaren, New Jersey. Atsalis and Bosito also admitted to concealing pollution by falsifying records.

The Newark district attorney’s office, along with US attorney Philip Sellinger and assistant attorney general Todd Kim, stated that the two seafarers were involved in the illegal activities. The offences occurred on the 50,000-dwt MR Kriti Ruby, which was built in 2008. The pollution incidents took place near a petroleum terminal, leading to charges against the chief engineer and second engineer.

The guilty pleas from Atsalis and Bosito highlight the seriousness of environmental violations in the shipping industry. The falsification of records to conceal pollution is a violation of US laws and regulations. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to environmental standards and regulations to protect marine ecosystems and prevent pollution in maritime operations.

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