Sri Lanka’s Hydrogen Roadmap Revealed

Sri Lanka unveils national Hydrogen roadmap
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The Ministry of Power and Energy in Sri Lanka has unveiled the National Hydrogen Roadmap, which aims to promote the production and use of green hydrogen in the country. The roadmap, developed in collaboration with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka and Greenstat Hydrogen India, was presented to the Minister of Power and Energy, Kanchana Wijesekera. The government sees the green hydrogen program as a way to address energy security, energy equality, and environmental concerns.

The Minister of Power and Energy highlighted the potential benefits of green hydrogen, stating that Sri Lanka has the capacity to generate renewable energy from solar and wind sources. Producing green hydrogen using renewable energy can contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy, mitigate climate change, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government hopes that by combining the National Hydrogen Roadmap with the recently unveiled Offshore Wind roadmap, Sri Lanka can maximize its renewable energy potential for green hydrogen transformation.

The announcement of the National Hydrogen Roadmap reflects Sri Lanka’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. By embracing green hydrogen, the country aims to achieve energy security, promote equal access to energy, and reduce the environmental impact of its energy consumption. With its abundant renewable energy resources, Sri Lanka is well-positioned to successfully implement the roadmap and make significant progress towards a low carbon economy.

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