Starlink Revolutionizes Cruise Ship Connectivity with SES Links

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SES, a global satellite operator, is partnering with SpaceX’s Starlink to create a unique service for cruise liners. The joint offering, called SES Cruise mPOWERED + Starlink, combines SES’s mid-Earth orbiting (MEO) satellites with Starlink’s low-Earth orbiting (LEO) system. This integrated solution will provide high-speed and secure connectivity 24/7 to cruise ships and their guests, regardless of their location.

Cruise operators will be able to expand their capacity and reach by using this new offering, which combines the best of both MEO and LEO orbits. The service is available in two tiers: Premium tier, offering 3Gbps per ship, and Pro tier, offering 1.5Gbps per ship. This allows operators to deliver the highest throughput or manage user experience by matching the right application to the right orbit.

SES believes that this partnership demonstrates a commitment to delivering the best customer experience to cruise operators and guests. The investment in the cruise experience has increased since the pandemic, with operators focusing on technological advancements and high-performance connectivity. By expanding their network to include LEO, SES aims to meet the needs of cruise guests and crew members, as well as accelerate the digital transformations of cruise operators.

SES and SpaceX’s collaboration aims to provide a world-class connectivity experience for cruise customers, comparable to what they would have on land. This partnership opens up new opportunities for SES to meet the growing demands of the cruise industry and support its digital advancements.

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