Study of Parametric Rolling Leads to Record Low Container Losses

The container shipping industry has seen a decrease in containers lost at sea, thanks to efforts in managing parametric rolling and improving container safety. A project by the Netherlands' Marin institute aims to enhance transportation safety, providing valuable data and education to mariners. With only 221 containers lost out of 250 million transported in 2023, the industry continues to prioritize safety measures.
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The container shipping industry has made significant strides in reducing the number of containers lost at sea, with the World Shipping Council reporting record-low levels for the second consecutive year. Progress has been made in managing parametric rolling and other dangers associated with loading and securing containers, leading to a decrease in overboard losses.

A multi-year project initiated by the Netherlands’ marine institute Marin in May 2021 aims to enhance the safety of container transportation following a series of high-profile incidents. The project has generated valuable data and provided education to mariners on mitigating risks such as parametric rolling. Additionally, a calculator has been developed to assess risk based on sea and weather conditions, as well as vessel specifications.

Despite challenges, the World Shipping Council notes a continuing decline in overboard losses, with only 221 containers reported lost at sea out of 250 million transported in 2023. Efforts to improve container safety, navigational safety, and vessel routing have contributed to this positive trend, with a third of the lost containers being recovered. The industry remains committed to collaborating with stakeholders to implement effective safety measures and ensure secure container transport.

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