Successful Completion of ONGC Drill Ship Renewal by IRS and HSL

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The Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL) have successfully completed the renewal survey of the ONGC Drill Ship Modu Sagar Bhushan. The project involved renewing over 1,500 tons of steel and installing new machinery. Despite the challenges, the project was completed in just 10 months, showcasing the capabilities of the shipyard and the contributions of IRS surveyors. The success of this survey highlights the effectiveness of IRS surveys in ensuring ships adhere to safety and quality standards. This marks the fourth ship completed by HSL in four months, solidifying its reputation as the industry’s fastest turnaround shipyard.

Commodore Hemant Khatri, Chairman and Managing Director of HSL, praised the shipyard team and acknowledged IRS’ contribution to the project’s success. Mr. Sairam, Executive Director of ONGC, expressed satisfaction and gratitude to HSL and IRS for the restoration of the ship. Mr. Vijay Arora, IRS’ Managing Director, emphasized the organization’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and the technical prowess demonstrated in this project.

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