Survitec Launches Interactive Safety Management Solution for Onboard Fire Protection.

Survitec introduces interactive security monitoring
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Survitec has collaborated with Turkish shipyard Tersan and Norwegian company Havila Voyages to develop a new interactive safety management solution called the Safety Management and Rapid Response Technology Interface (SMARR-TI). The system integrates fire detection and fire suppression systems into one digital interface that can offer a comprehensive interactive plan for the entire ship. SMARR-TI is intended to supplement SOLAS requirements for General Arrangement Plans that must be permanently issued to guide ships’ officers and crew.

Using a 27-inch touchscreen monitor on the bridge and in the engine control room, the crew can easily monitor and operate the fire protection systems on the ship. SMARR-TI is capable of providing a real-time status display coupled with alerts and notifications to warn of temperature exceeding set limits or the presence of smoke or flames. It is then automatically activated to trigger alarms, close fire doors and fire dampers, shut off ventilation, activate CCTV cameras, and trigger signals to the alarm monitoring system, SMS interface, and public announcement system. SMARR-TI is an innovative solution, with no comparable digitized security monitoring solution available in the market.

The new system is currently in service on two 15,500 GT passenger ships, Havila Capella and Havila Castor. After the success of the first two ships, Survitec has received further orders for a similar scope of supply, including the Havila Polaris and the Havila Pollux. Survitec has also won contracts with Turkey’s Cemre shipyard and added the solution as an optional extra to its safety packages. The system is installed on a fishing vessel for a Norwegian owner and a passenger ferry for a Danish owner.

Adnan Baris Arda, project manager at Tersan said “Survitec’s proposal was exactly what we needed for the Havila ships. The solution we have developed in cooperation with Havila allows the crew to more easily and quickly understand the security status in all compartments, decks, cabins, and rooms on board the ship. Building new systems is a difficult process, especially on a prototype ship, and open dialogue is key to success. It’s easy to install and use.” SMARR-TI is expected to improve onboard safety and provide the crew with a comprehensive fire safety solution to prevent fires from breaking out on ships.

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