The crippling heat increases Asia’s dependence on Russian energy

LNG carrier in open sea during daytime
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Russia’s energy is increasing in appeal as Asia battles to keep its power generators fueled during the hottest year on record. Despite this year’s insufferable heat, Russian energy production has increased to meet the rising demand for thermal coal and natural gas, and consequently, Asian imports of Russian heating oil hit record levels in March and April. As South Asia and poorer countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh struggle through the heat, Russia has become an increasingly reliable source for the fuel needed to keep the lights and air conditioning on.
Russian exports of thermal coal increased by 7.46 million tons in April, which is a third more than the previous year. Meanwhile, LNG shipments increased over recent months, as prices dropped from last year’s record highs that had made the fuel unaffordable for many Asian countries. The situation is likely to worsen due to the emerging El Niño weather phenomenon, which will further spike the already soaring mercury levels in Asia.

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