Thieves steal coins valued at €400,000 from Maritime Museum

A 25-year-old Cospicua resident was charged with stealing two gold coins worth €400,000 from the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. Justin Mallia faced charges of aggravated theft, possession of illegally acquired coins, and defrauding the museum. He risked forfeiting bail money and was remanded in custody after retracting his guilty plea.
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A 25-year-old man from Cospicua, Justin Mallia, has been charged with stealing two gold coins valued at €400,000 from the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. He was also charged with possession of the coins, defrauding the museum, and breaching bail decrees. Mallia initially admitted to stealing the coins to settle a debt for his bail in another case. He was identified on CCTV footage and arrested at a different address than previously registered for bail.

The prosecution stated that Mallia posed as an official from the Education Department to gain access to the museum during a school event. Despite initially admitting guilt, Mallia later retracted his plea. Magistrate Charmaine Galea informed him of the potential maximum jail term of eight years. Mallia was remanded in custody as no bail request was made, and an inquiry is ongoing.

The theft was reported on Monday, and Mallia was arrested shortly after. The Maritime Museum, which recently reopened after four years, is hosting a new exhibition in newly restored sections. The building, originally a bakery for the Mediterranean Fleet, was converted into a museum in 1992. Mallia’s case is being prosecuted by inspectors and AG lawyers, with an inquiry underway.

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