Tobago Oil Spill Emergency Caused by Mysterious Capsized Cargo Ship

Officials on the Caribbean island of Tobago are dealing with a growing oil spill and investigating a capsized vessel causing the environmental disaster. A massive clean-up effort is underway, with the government classifying it as a Tier II disaster. The vessel, identified as Gulfstream, has caused damage to the nearby reef.
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Officials in Tobago are dealing with a growing oil spill and a mysterious capsized vessel that is causing the environmental disaster. Oil is spreading to the southwestern end of the island, prompting a massive clean-up effort. The Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard is investigating the vessel, and the government has classified the situation as a Tier II disaster, with the possibility of it being elevated to a Tier III disaster.

The incident began when a capsized vessel was reported, with no distress call and no crew found on board or having escaped. Divers identified the vessel as the Gulfstream but were unable to find any registration information. The vessel’s length is estimated at 330 feet, and it was believed to be transporting lumber and sand. Efforts to contain the oil and protect the shoreline are ongoing, with concerns about the impact on the food supply.

Crews are working to contain the oil spill and protect the shoreline, with testing ongoing to confirm suspicions that diesel oil is leaking from the ship. Government officials are warning the public to stay away from the affected area, and efforts to clean up the oil are underway. The impact on the food supply is a major concern, as the oil spill may contaminate fish.

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