Indonesia’s Asean Chairmanship 2023: Prioritizing Maritime Cooperation

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Indonesia’s Asean Chairmanship in 2023 will prioritize enhancing maritime cooperation, according to Rolliansyah Soemirat, Director for Asean Political and Security Cooperation. Soemirat stated that Indonesia initiated the establishment of the Asean Maritime Outlook (AMO), a strategic document aimed at strengthening maritime cooperation within Asean. The AMO will serve as a reference for maritime cooperation between Asean member states and external partners. It comprehensively summarizes the progress of maritime cooperation in Asean and provides recommendations for potential cooperation in various areas.

Soemirat highlighted the enormous potential for maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, including strategic, political, economic, and social dimensions. The AMO will serve as a compass for Asean in determining the future direction of maritime cooperation. It will address emerging maritime issues such as cyber attacks, the blue economy, and renewable energy. The AMO will be launched every three years and will serve as a practical reference for Asean leaders, ministers, sectoral bodies, and partners.

The establishment of the AMO reflects Indonesia’s commitment to strengthening maritime cooperation within Asean. By providing a comprehensive overview of past progress and offering recommendations for future cooperation, the AMO aims to contribute to building a secure, stable, and prosperous Asean Community. It also seeks to enhance Asean’s relations with external partners in the maritime domain. The AMO will play a crucial role in guiding Asean’s maritime agenda and promoting regional collaboration.

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