UKMTO and Ambrey Report Incident Near Yemeni Port of Aden: Ships Urged to Exercise Caution

Britain's maritime agency and security firm Ambrey have reported an incident southwest of Yemen's Aden port. UKMTO advised caution and incident reporting. Houthi militants have been attacking ships in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestinians. The Houthis claimed three military operations in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.
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The UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and security firm Ambrey have received reports of an incident on Thursday around 15 nautical miles southwest of the Yemeni port of Aden. Ships are advised to proceed with caution and report any incidents in the area. Yemeni Houthi militants have been targeting ships in the Red Sea since November, claiming to be showing solidarity with Palestinians during the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. The Houthis announced on Wednesday that they had carried out three military operations in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

The UKMTO is closely monitoring the situation and is urging ships to be vigilant in the region. The attacks by Houthi militants have raised concerns about the safety of maritime traffic in the area. The incident highlights the ongoing tensions in the region and the need for heightened security measures for ships traveling through the Red Sea and surrounding waters.

The threat of attacks by Houthi militants in the Red Sea has prompted warnings from maritime agencies and security firms. The situation underscores the need for ships to take precautions and stay informed about potential risks in the area. The attacks by the Houthis are seen as part of a broader campaign of solidarity with Palestinians, adding another layer of complexity to the already volatile situation in the region.

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