UP Chief Minister advocates for establishment of state waterways authority

UP Chief Minister pushes for formation of state waterways authority
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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has called for the appointment of eminent experts for key positions in the state’s proposed Inland Water Transport Authority. He suggests that the transport commissioner of the state should be nominated as the CEO of the authority. Adityanath emphasized the importance of coordination with the Inland Waterways Authority of India and declared that the new authority will regulate all activities related to inland water transport and tourism. Environmental and safety laws pertaining to water transport should be strictly adhered to, according to the Chief Minister. He also stressed the need for scientific research, technical training, and analysis of inland water traffic data. Additionally, Adityanath highlighted the importance of determining catchment areas, maintaining navigability of waterways, and carrying out dredging activities.

The authority will be responsible for preparing the circuit route and determining the classification standards for inland waterways. Adityanath also mentioned the authority’s role in coordinating water transport with other modes of transportation and promoting public-private partnerships. He concluded by stating that each river has its unique nature, and therefore, the authority should establish standards for inland waterways accordingly.

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