US Coast Guard issues updated fire safety regulations for children

US Coast Guard clarifies fire safety rules for young children
The U.S. Coast Guard published an interim rule to implement fire protection requirements for small passenger vessels after the tragic incident involving the CONCEPTION. Clarifications were made regarding the application of fire alarm systems for CSPVs, emphasizing compliance with interconnected fire alarm devices in specific areas only.
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The U.S. Coast Guard recently published an interim rule to implement new fire protection requirements for covered small passenger vessels (CSPVs) in response to the tragic fire aboard the CONCEPTION in 2019. The rule clarifies that CSPVs must comply with 181.405(c) regarding interconnected fire alarm devices, not the entire section as previously indicated in the text of 46 CFR 175.110(c. The intent is for CSPVs to have networked fire alarm systems in all enclosed areas routinely accessed by passengers and crew, as outlined in 181.450.

The Coast Guard emphasizes that CSPVs are only required to meet the specific requirements in 181.405(c) and not the entire section, unless other provisions already apply to the vessel under existing regulations. The interim rule aims to improve fire safety on CSPVs by ensuring the installation of networked fire alarm systems in key areas. While certain provisions of 181.405 may have already been applicable to existing vessels, the focus is on enhancing fire detection capabilities on small passenger vessels.

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