US Forces Counter Houthi Threats in Yemen and Red Sea

FILE PHOTO: Houthi followers hold a Palestinian flag during a parade in solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and to show support to Houthi strikes on ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, in Sanaa, Yemen January 29, 2024. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah//File Photo
US forces responded to Houthi missile attacks on a Singapore-owned merchant ship in Yemen by launching self-defense strikes, destroying an unmanned submarine and 18 anti-ship missiles. The conflict escalated with air strikes killing 11 in western Yemen. The Houthis vow to increase attacks during Ramadan, targeting US, UK, and Israel-affiliated ships.
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US forces launched self-defense strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen after the Iran-backed group fired missiles at a Singapore-owned ship. The missiles aimed at the MV Pinocchio missed, prompting CENTCOM to conduct six strikes destroying an unmanned submarine and 18 anti-ship missiles. This retaliation followed previous Houthi attacks resulting in casualties and damage to ships. The Houthis have recently escalated their attacks on commercial shipping in the region, with the group vowing to increase strikes during Ramadan.

The Houthis also carried out a large-scale attack using disposable drones, with US and coalition forces successfully defending against the assault. Despite claims that they only target vessels from certain countries, evidence suggests otherwise. The Pinocchio, which was targeted in the recent attack, was once named ZIM San Francisco, affiliated with an Israeli shipping company. Additional reports of explosions near ships have raised concerns about the safety of maritime operations in the region.

The US has carried out multiple self-defense strikes against Houthi threats in the Red Sea and Yemen, often in coordination with British forces. The situation remains tense as the Houthis continue their aggressive actions targeting commercial vessels. Maritime authorities are on high alert, closely monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of ships and crews in the region.

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