US National Maritime Day Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

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May 22 marked the 90th National Maritime Day in the US, honoring the crucial role of the nation’s maritime industry in its economy and security. President Joe Biden issued an annual proclamation renewing his administration’s “steadfast” support of the Merchant Marine, a pledge to uphold the Jones Act, and called for all US-flagged vessels to dress ship. The American maritime industry injects over $154bn into the economy each year, contributing to create over 650,000 US jobs and $41bn a year in labor income.

Florida’s maritime industry is a key contributor to the state’s economy, producing over 65,000 jobs. Laura DiBella, Florida Secretary of Commerce and CEO of Enterprise Florida, noted that “There are not enough planes, trains, or trucks on this planet to support the amount of cargo moved by ships. This industry is an important economic driver for the state, and it is crucial to move goods throughout the country.” #NationalMaritimeDay was a suitable occasion for lawmakers and stakeholders to mark the importance of the industry, with various messages, events, and social media posts highlighting the contribution of industry workers.

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