Indian Crew’s Timely Warning Praised by US Officials in Baltimore Bridge Collision

The crew of the Singapore-flagged container ship involved in the Baltimore bridge collapse were all Indians and confirmed safe, according to the shipping company. The incident occurred during pilotage, with no injuries or pollution reported. The cause is under investigation, with the crew cooperating with authorities. Search ongoing for missing individuals.
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A Singapore-flagged container ship collided with a bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse. The 22-member crew, all of whom were Indian, were reported safe by the shipping company. The incident occurred early on Tuesday while the vessel was under pilotage with two pilots onboard. The ship was bound from Baltimore to Colombo and there were no injuries or pollution reported.

The exact cause of the collision is yet to be determined, but the ship has mobilised its Qualified Individual Incident response service. The US Coast Guard and local officials have been notified, and the owners are cooperating with government agencies. Reports indicate that the ship crew had reported power issues before the collision, and Maryland Governor Wes Moore praised their timely warning for saving lives. Following the collision, some vehicles and people fell into the water, and a search is ongoing for at least six missing individuals.

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