Wärtsilä Opens Expertise Centre in Navi Mumbai to Support MEA Customers

Wärtsilä opens Expertise Centre in Navi Mumbai to remotely support its customers
Technology group Wärtsilä has relocated its Expertise Centre in Navi Mumbai, India to provide remote support for its Middle East & Asia customers. By integrating data sources, the Centre aims to improve asset efficiency and customer experience. Utilizing AI, Wärtsilä aims to enhance asset availability and reliability through real-time collaboration.
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Wärtsilä, a technology group, has announced the opening of its Expertise Centre in Navi Mumbai, India, which will provide remote support to its Middle East & Asia customers and help grow its services business. This Centre will serve as a central operational hub to integrate data sources and utilize cutting-edge technology for asset efficiency and customer experience enhancement. With a global network of 10 Expertise Centers covering nearly 35 GW of engine capacity, Wärtsilä aims to support land-based power plants and marine vessels for increased reliability through service agreements.

The primary goal of the Expertise Centre is to analyze data and provide technical recommendations to enhance asset availability and reliability. Leveraging AI technology on their Expert Insight platform enables the detection and prediction of anomalies for timely intervention. This real-time collaboration between asset operators and Wärtsilä experts facilitates better asset management decisions, ensuring optimal performance over the asset’s lifecycle.

By offering performance-based agreements with quantifiable targets such as power availability, fuel consumption, and emissions, Wärtsilä aims to share risks and rewards with customers to optimize power plant performance. Venkatesh R, Managing Director of Wärtsilä India, highlights the company’s commitment to digital tools and analytics to minimize unplanned downtime and improve power plant performance. Wärtsilä has a strong presence in India, serving the energy and marine markets with complete lifecycle power solutions, employing around 550 employees and installed generating capacity of over 4,000 MW in the country.

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