Wartsila’s First Ammonia Marine Engine Set for Delivery in Early 2025

Wartsila to Deliver its First Ammonia Ship Engine in Early 2025
Marine engine maker Wartsila is set to deliver its first ammonia-powered engine for a new ship in early 2025, with larger sales expected in the 2030s. As shippers explore alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions, interest in ammonia engines is on the rise. The company sees green fuels capturing a portion of the global bunkering market by 2030.
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Marine engine maker Wartsila predicts that its first ammonia-powered engine will be delivered for a new ship in early 2025, with larger sales expected in the 2030s as shippers seek alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions. The company launched its first ammonia four-stroke engine last year, with the first delivery set for early next year. Customer interest in alternative fuel engines has grown due to evolving EU regulations, leading to expectations of rapid sales growth before 2030, particularly among major industry players.

Wartsila’s president of the marine division, Roger Holm, noted that ship owners are increasingly focused on future-proofing their fleets and adapting to decarbonization regulations, leading to the anticipated adoption of ammonia engines. While methanol-powered engines have gained popularity, the larger space requirements for ammonia storage have slowed its broader sales growth compared to methanol. Despite challenges in fuel availability and limited production capacity, Holm expects green fuels to account for 5-10% of the global bunkering market by 2030.

Although ammonia is carbon-free, its toxicity requires strict safety measures when used as marine fuel. Interest in ammonia engines is strongest in countries like Norway and Japan, with expectations for broader sales in the 2030s. While the technology for ammonia engines is available, challenges in fuel storage and production capacity may delay widespread adoption of green fuels in shipping. Holm emphasized that the key to increasing adoption of green fuels lies in addressing fuel availability issues.

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