Working on a Cruise Ship: How Crew Members Find Creative Ways to Connect

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A cruise worker has revealed that despite being forbidden, sex between passengers and crew members on major cruise lines does happen. The anonymous worker, who had been staffing cruise ships for four years, shared their insight on Reddit when asked about sex lives in the travel industry. They explained that while relationships and hookups do occur among crew members, it is not as rampant as some may believe due to the demanding working conditions and the need to live and work together for extended periods of time. Sleeping with passengers is strictly prohibited and can result in immediate termination and being blacklisted from the industry. However, the worker admitted that some crew members still find ways to engage in relationships with passengers without getting caught.

Another cruise worker also shared their experience, stating that fraternizing with passengers was strictly forbidden, but crew members were encouraged to sleep with each other. There were designated crew bars where such activities often took place. The worker admitted to having slept with two girls during their time on the cruise ship, one being a one-night stand and the other turning into a short-term relationship. They emphasized that the strict rules and close living quarters often led to “crazy shit” happening among the crew.

Overall, while sex between passengers and crew members is against the rules, it still occurs on cruise ships. However, it is not as prevalent as some may think due to the challenges of living and working together for extended periods of time. Crew members who engage in relationships with passengers often do so discreetly to avoid getting caught.

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