Coral Sea Marina Partners with SeaKeepers for Marine Conservation

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Coral Sea Marina has announced a new partnership with The International SeaKeepers Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation. The partnership aims to promote marine education, citizen science, and research opportunities. SeaKeepers utilizes privately owned yachts and vessels as platforms for oceanographic research, educational outreach, and marine conservation. Coral Sea Marina is the first marina in the South Pacific to join SeaKeepers’ fleet of industry partners. The marina plans to raise awareness and promote ocean conservation to its guests, superyachts, and the wider boating community.

SeaKeepers was founded in 1998 by yacht owners concerned about the deterioration of the natural environment. The organization aims to enable the yachting community to advance marine sciences, facilitate scientific discovery, and raise awareness about global ocean issues. Coral Sea Marina’s commitment to being a “clean marina” and its Coral Sea Academy, which educates people on protecting the marine environment, aligns with SeaKeepers’ mission. The partnership between the two organizations is expected to accomplish significant work in the field of marine conservation.

SeaKeepers operates globally and has marine industry partners from around the world. The organization offers various programs for interested vessels, including the DISCOVERY Yacht Program, which allows private vessels to partner with SeaKeepers through scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, educational outreach, and community engagement. Coral Sea Marina, based in Coral Gables, Florida, is excited to be SeaKeepers’ first South Pacific Marina Partner and looks forward to the work they can accomplish together.

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