A non-military vessel carrying food aid reaches Gaza

A barge carrying food aid arrives at a temporary jetty in Gaza
A ship loaded with food arrived off Gaza for a test run of a new sea aid route from Cyprus. World Central Kitchen arranged the delivery of 200 tons of relief supplies. Rough seas slowed the cargo being brought ashore on a barge tied to a recovery vessel. Aid organizations face challenges in distributing supplies in Gaza.
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A ship carrying almost 200 tons of relief supplies arrived off the coast of Gaza as part of a test run for a new sea aid route from Cyprus to the region, where famine threatens after five months of Israeli military campaigns. The World Central Kitchen (WCK) arranged the shipment to be delivered through a pier prepared in Gaza, with a second ship expected to set sail soon. Rough seas appeared to slow the cargo from coming ashore, but a temporary jetty was constructed to facilitate the unloading process in Gaza’s shallow waters.

WCK founder Jose Andres mentioned that only two boxes had been delivered from the barge so far, with more work to be done in the coming hours. While the delivery of aid by sea and air drops could help alleviate the hunger crisis in Gaza, aid organizations have highlighted challenges in delivering supplies by land. The war in Gaza, which began in October, has resulted in over 31,000 Palestinian deaths and driven much of the population from their homes, leading to a dire famine in the enclave.

UN aid agencies have reported major obstacles in getting aid to those in need in Gaza, where malnutrition is widespread and hospitals in some areas are reporting cases of starving children. The success of the new sea route could provide crucial relief in the region, but efforts to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza will require multi-faceted approaches beyond just sea and air deliveries. Israeli airstrikes and ground attacks have significantly impacted the population in Gaza, leading to a dire humanitarian situation that requires immediate attention.

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