Houthis Attack Tanker and Bring Hamas into Red Sea Conflict

The Red Sea region remains tense as the Houthis continue attacks, consulting with Hamas. The fate of the car carrier Galaxy Leader is in Hamas' hands, while the Houthis threaten to expand attacks into the Indian Ocean. Recent targeting of vessels based on outdated information has raised security concerns. The crew of the Galaxy Leader, mostly Filipino, remains captive, with their release dependent on the situation in Gaza.
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The situation in the Red Sea region is complex, with the Houthis continuing their attacks, including firing at a tanker and consulting with Hamas. Reports indicate that the fate of the car carrier Galaxy Leader and its crew is now in the hands of Hamas, with the Houthis vowing to expand their attacks into the Indian Ocean to disrupt shipping related to Israel. In a recent incident, the crude oil tanker Pacific 01 experienced an explosion while sailing in the Red Sea, with reports of a missile passing overhead.

The Houthis have been targeting vessels based on outdated information, such as labeling the Pacific 01 as an Israeli ship due to its past ownership by an Israeli shipping magnate. Recent ownership transfers have also been linked to other targeting incidents. The confusion surrounding the situation was further exacerbated by conflicting reports about the tanker’s condition, with initial reports of damage later being clarified.

The Houthis are reportedly coordinating with Hamas to target Israeli ships or those heading to Israel, with the fate of the Galaxy Leader and its crew now controlled by Hamas. The crew, mainly Filipino, is being held by the Houthis, with efforts by the Philippine government to secure their release. However, indications suggest that the crew may be held until hostilities in Gaza come to an end.

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