Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister Highlights Industry Achievements and Goals

Shipping Deputy Minister Marina Hadjimanoli highlighted the progress of the Cypriot shipping industry, with an increase in registered foreign ships and companies. The Cypriot flag's quality improved, ranking 8th in the Paris White List. Efforts to digitize services and reduce greenhouse gas emissions were also emphasized, along with Cyprus' role in European shipping sustainability.
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Shipping Deputy Minister Marina Hadjimanoli recently highlighted the achievements of the Cypriot shipping industry at a press conference, emphasizing the goal of setting higher targets to enhance competitiveness. The Deputy Ministry saw significant progress in the past year, with an increase in foreign shipowners registering ships in the Cyprus register. The fleet of Cypriot-flagged vessels also grew by 5.5%, reaching approximately 1.1 million tonnes. However, concerns remain about the sustainability of the Maritime Passenger Connection project, which currently relies on state subsidies.

Hadjimanoli also discussed plans for a new building to house a maritime museum and conference center, promoting maritime culture and blue professions to children. The Cypriot flag’s quality has improved, with legislative frameworks enhancing safety navigation and environmental protection. The Deputy Ministry offers green incentives to reward ships reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with a 30% reduction in tonnage tax for compliant vessels.

Cyprus has strengthened its international presence in maritime forums, securing re-election to the International Maritime Organization Council. Efforts to promote gender equality in the maritime sector were recognized with the establishment of the “Gender Equality Award in Cyprus Shipping.” As Cyprus celebrates 60 years in the maritime industry, the commitment remains to enhance competitiveness and cooperation within the shipping community on a global scale.

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