AI enhances RIB security and increases efficiency

AI enables RIB security and efficiency gains
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Icelandic tour operator Whale Safari is using AI-based technology to improve safety and reduce insurance costs for its fleet of high-speed rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). With rising insurance premiums globally, the company partnered with technology firm Hefring Marine and insurers TM Insurance to enhance passenger safety and better assess risk. Whale Safari installed Hefring Marine’s Intelligent Marine Assistance System (IMAS) Solution, which collects real-time data on vessel movements to provide optimized speed guidance in different sea conditions. The solution predicts expected shocks and creates speed instructions to minimize exposure to vibrations and accidents, improving seaworthiness. All data is collected in the IMAS Console cloud for analysis and reporting, enabling stakeholders to access detailed reports on the company’s performance and opportunities for improvement.

Following the implementation of IMAS, Whale Safari received a discount on insurance premiums and opportunities for further savings in the future. The AI-based system has helped the company reduce operating costs and optimize vessel performance, leading to a safer and more affordable boating experience for passengers. The partnership between Whale Safari, Hefring Marine, and TM Insurance highlights the impact of IMAS in improving safety and reducing insurance costs for high-speed boats. TM Insurance sees the innovative solution as a way to address increasing insurance premiums for boats, particularly high-speed passenger boats.

This implementation of AI-based technology showcases the powerful impact it has on the maritime industry. By collecting real-time data and providing intelligent guidance, companies like Whale Safari can improve safety, optimize performance, and reduce operating costs. This not only benefits the company but also offers a safer and more affordable experience for passengers. It also addresses the increasing challenges faced by the insurance industry by providing a solution to rising insurance costs and better risk management. Overall, this partnership demonstrates the value of AI in streamlining operations and maximizing safety in high-risk environments.

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