Baltimore ship crew concerned about public perception following Key Bridge collapse

The crew members of the Singapore-flagged ship Dali, stranded after colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, were concerned about public perception. Despite being in good health, they kept quiet as they awaited the outcome of the ongoing investigation, unsure of how they were being portrayed in the world.
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A cargo vessel named Dali, carrying 20 Indian and one Sri Lankan crew members, collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, leaving the sailors stranded for a week. The sailors, worried about how they were being perceived, had been keeping quiet about their situation as they awaited the results of an ongoing investigation. Despite being in good health, the crew members were advised to maintain a low profile and not speak about their ordeal.

The sailors had adequate food on board but were concerned about the perception of the rest of the world following the incident. While they were praised for raising a mayday alarm before the crash, they also faced racist jokes online. Authorities in the US stated that there were no immediate plans to disembark the crew members, who would likely remain on board until the investigation was completed.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Coast Guard investigators were working with the crew members to gather information and conduct interviews as part of the investigation. The Port of Baltimore opened a temporary channel to free tugs and barges trapped by the bridge collapse. The crew members were being supported by their respective companies while awaiting further developments in the investigation.

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