Transport Malta scandal: Nationalist Party demands transparency

The Nationalist Party is appalled by Transport Malta's internal investigation clearing officials of wrongdoing after allegedly pocketing money from boaters by dropping maritime fines. MPs Ivan Castillo, Mark Anthony Sammut, and Darren Carabott demand transparency and action, citing a pattern of corruption within the transport authority.
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The Nationalist Party has expressed outrage over an internal investigation by Transport Malta that found no wrongdoing despite allegations of officials dropping maritime fines in exchange for money from boaters. MPs Ivan Castillo, Mark Anthony Sammut, and Darren Carabott stated that claims made by the Nationalist Party regarding scandals within the transport authority’s maritime sectors have been supported by independent media reports. MaltaToday revealed that at least three officials within the Maritime Enforcement Unit at Transport Malta have been involved in tampering with maritime fines.

The names of the officials implicated in the scandal have not been disclosed by the newspaper at this time. The Nationalist Party insists that the investigation report, its methodology, and the members of the investigations board should be made public. They accuse the government of being held hostage by Transport Malta officials to keep the incident under wraps. MP Mark Anthony Sammut criticized the lack of transparency and accountability within TM, highlighting various other alleged rackets within the institution.

PN MP Darren Carabott emphasized that these scandals have been ongoing for several years and called for action to be taken. He criticized the government for its slow response and lack of accountability. The Nationalist Party is demanding transparency and proper functioning of government authorities funded by taxpayers to ensure public safety. They have called on Prime Minister Robert Abela to take responsibility and address the issues within Transport Malta and other institutions.

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