Stranded Crew Aboard Dali Cargo Ship Await Rescue After Bridge Collapse

More than twenty crew members are stranded aboard the cargo ship Dali after it brought down the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The Apostleship of the Sea is providing support, helping them communicate with family and navigate challenges. As controlled explosions clear debris, the crew waits for freedom and normalcy to return.
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More than twenty crew members are currently stranded aboard the Dali, a cargo ship that caused the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The crew has been waiting for over a month and a half for the ship to be re-floated and for them to be freed from the wreckage. The Apostleship of the Sea, located in Dundalk, has been providing support to the seafarers with supplies and religious needs, as they wait for updates on the situation.

Andrew Middleton, the director of the Apostleship of the Sea, mentioned that the crew members are eager to communicate with their families, especially since the FBI seized their phones. The organization is working to help the crew members reach their families, many of whom are in South Asia. Middleton also mentioned that once the crew is back on shore, they will likely want to take a break and have some time off the ship.

As officials work on clearing debris from the Dali using controlled explosions, Middleton hopes that people will continue to pray for the crew members and the families of the construction workers who lost their lives in the bridge collapse. He anticipates that his organization’s work with the Dali’s crew and other crews will increase as normal port traffic resumes, with the goal of having the full federal channel open by the end of the month.

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