Truth Maritime Services Acquires Cutting-Edge Fast Crew Boat for Sustainability Efforts

Truth Maritime Services (TMS) strengthens its market position with the acquisition of the latest Generation 4 Fast Crew Boat (FCB) from Strategic Marine. The new vessel, TMS RAMAN, features cutting-edge technology like gyro-stabilisation and a hybrid power system, setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in offshore transportation.
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Truth Maritime Services (TMS) has strengthened its market position by acquiring the latest Generation 4 Fast Crew Boat (FCB) from Strategic Marine. The new vessel, named TMS RAMAN, features cutting-edge technology such as gyro-stabilisation for improved sea-keeping and a hybrid power (+) energy storage system to reduce carbon emissions. This acquisition demonstrates TMS’s commitment to advancing maritime solutions and sustainability efforts.

Strategic Marine’s CEO, Mr. Chan Eng Yew, expressed excitement about the partnership with TMS and their shared dedication to excellence in maritime solutions and decarbonisation. The naming ceremony, attended by Khun Neeracha Panboonhom, highlighted the importance of integrating innovative technology to meet environmental objectives. TMS’s investment in state-of-the-art vessels like TMS RAMAN showcases their leadership in the industry and commitment to sustainability.

The completion of TMS RAMAN further solidifies Strategic Marine’s reputation for excellence in vessel design and construction. The vessel’s efficient hull form and Z-bow design ensure optimal fuel consumption and emissions reduction. With a focus on delivering superior performance and reducing environmental impact, TMS continues to set benchmarks in the maritime industry through its innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.

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