35-Year-Old Sailor Found Dead Aboard Cargo Vessel in Perama Shipyard

A 35-year-old sailor was found deceased by hanging in his cabin on a cargo vessel at the Perama shipyard. Identified as a kitchen cleaner with foreign citizenship, he was taken to the General Hospital of Nikaia by Coast Guard officials. The Piraeus Central Port Authority confirmed the tragic incident on March 27th.
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A 35-year-old sailor was found dead by hanging in his cabin aboard a cargo vessel in Perama shipyard repair area on March 27th. The sailor, who held the position of kitchen cleaner, was part of the crew of a cargo vessel flying the Malta flag and was of foreign citizenship.

Following the discovery of the deceased sailor, the Piraeus Central Port Authority launched an investigation into the incident. Coast Guard officials quickly responded to the scene and the sailor was transported to the General Hospital of Nikaia, where he was officially pronounced dead. The exact circumstances surrounding the sailor’s death were not disclosed in the initial report.

The tragic incident highlights the dangers and challenges faced by sailors working aboard cargo vessels. The sailor’s death serves as a reminder of the risks associated with working at sea and the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of crew members on board ships. The authorities have not released any further details about the incident at this time.

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