Britain denies Houthi claim of attacking British destroyer

HMS Diamond. Photo courtesy UK Royal Navy.
Britain's Ministry of Defence debunked the Yemeni Houthis' claim of firing ballistic missiles at a British destroyer in the Red Sea. The attack was deemed false and denied by the Ministry. Allegations of attacks on two merchant ships were also dismissed as the Houthis continue to disrupt shipping traffic in solidarity with Gaza.
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The British Ministry of Defence has denied claims made by Yemen’s Houthi rebels that they fired ballistic missiles at a British destroyer in the Red Sea. The Houthis did not provide any information on whether the alleged attack caused damage, but they described it as being “precise”. The Ministry of Defence stated that these allegations are false, refuting the Houthi claims.

The Houthis also stated that they had attacked two merchant ships, the Norderney and Tavvishi, with the Norderney experiencing a fire following the attack. The Houthi militia has been targeting ships off the coast of Yemen since November in support of Palestinians in Gaza, leading to disruptions in global shipping traffic and concerns of escalating conflict in the Middle East. In response to these attacks, the United States and Britain have launched retaliatory strikes on Houthi militia targets.

The ongoing attacks on ships off the coast of Yemen by Houthi rebels have led to fears of increased instability in the region and disruptions to global shipping routes. The conflict between the Houthis and foreign powers like the United States and Britain highlights the complex geopolitics at play in the Middle East and the ongoing challenges faced in maintaining maritime security in the region.

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